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exclusive interview with the other kate. >> do you hate him now? >> i despise him. >> she's the kate who claims she had a romantic relationship with jon gosselin and you only saw her on "showbiz tonight." tonight the stunning reaction to kate major's explosive challenge. >> i will take a lie detector test and i would love for jon to take one. >> "showbiz tonight" dares to ask is jon gosselin turning into one of the most despised men in america? >>> the cougar and the kid. hulk hogan's ex-wife linda, she's 50. her boyfriend, he's only 20. and for the first time they're speaking out about their bizarre cougarific relationship. the tv's most provocative show starts right now. >>> hello. i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. this is "showbiz tonight" this weekend. the reaction to the blockbuster exclusive with the so-called other kate. jon gosselin is now firing back for the very first time after kate major's claims to "showbiz tonight" about their relationship and her big dare to jon that he should take a lie detector test. the "showbiz tonight" exclusive
mackenzie have kept quiet. >>> tonight, have jon and kate become a laughing stock? they try to get serious with new careers after their split. how come everyone is making fun of them. >> you don't want the kids. >> of course i love kids. have you seen my girlfriend? >> tonight is anyone taking jon and kate seriously? if you find anyone who does, can you have them give usa call? tonight the great "showbiz tonight" debate, are jon and kate now a laughingstock. >>> plus the startling pregnancy trend. why are so many big stars over 40 having babies? it's a must see showbiz special report. the weekend edition of tv's most provocative news show starts right now. >>> hello, i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. this is "showbiz tonight" this weekend. tonight the mackenzie phillips outrage. there's a startling backlash to mackenzie phillips shocking claims she had a sexual relationship with her famous father for ten years. now some members of her family are saying flat-out they don't believe her. they don't believe it ever happened. "showbiz tonight" has been on
couple help bring the 2016 olympic games to their former hometown of chicago? >>> and "kate plus 8." jon gosselin bumped as a regular on his reality show, so why does jon now want to delay the divorce? we'll tell you today, wednesday, september 30th, 2009. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm meredith vieira. and this morning, president obama is declaring the u.s. territory of american samoa a major disaster after that earthquake-generated tsunami leveled entire villages. >> dozens of people are missing, feared swept out to sea, and fema says its first emergency teams are now heading to that region. just ahead, we'll talk live with a man who lives in american samoa about the conditions there this morning. but first, let's go to al roker with the latest on the details of this story. al, good morning to you. >> matt, meredith, good morning. and again, this was an earthquake of a magnitude 8.0, big by any standard, but not as large or as devastating as the 2004 tsunami that hit the indian oc
, idol response. >>> tonight, have jon and kate become a laughing stock? jon and kate gosselin try to get serious with new careers after their split. so, how come everyone's making fun of them? >> you don't love the kids. >> of course i love kids. have you seen my girlfriend? >> tonight, is anyone taking jon and kate seriously? and if you find anyone who does, can you have them give us a call. tonight it's the great showbiz debate, are jon and kate now a laughing stock? >>> plus, "showbiz tonight" uncovers some brand new disturbing information that jennifer aniston is not going to like. and why it could mean big trouble for her future. tv's most provocative entertainment news show starts right now. >>> hello. i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. and tonight ellen strikes back at all that talk that she's no business being the newest judge on "american idol." for the first time, ellen degeneres used her show to strike back at anyone who thinks that she can't fill paula abdul's shoes. wait, there's more. ellen spoke out for the first time about that over t
. no more jon. it's just can the kate plus 8. >>> i ran upstairs and woke my husband up and we came and looked out the window and my husband said, are you okay? and she said i didn't know anyone was here, i'm just resting. we ran on to another window to see if anyone was with her and by then she's gone. >> that's an anonymous witness who believes she saw somebody who matches a description of mitrice richardson after mitrice left the sheriff's substation 12 days ago in the malibu area when she disappeared so i'm going to go back now, we're delighted to have with us, the father of this beautiful young lady who's miss, michael richardson. why would she just walk away? why wouldn't she accept the offer of the sheriff's office to stay there overnight? and if she was walking, put yourself in her shoes. why was she doing that? where was she -- where did she think she was going, do you believe? >> caller: well, the thing about my daughter, jane, is she's petrified of the dark so i knew she wasn't in her right state of mind and just for the people's -- leo, we don't have to argue with these
men"? >> i don't know. >> emmy night couples news. heidi's seconds from giving birth. does kate wallace have a new boyfriend? plus, your question for the winners. what did this guy say to alec? >> what are you doing, karen? >> the battle for best dressed, and it's starting an "extra" fashion feud. >> i don't think i agree with your pick. >> ok, excuse me. >> i feel like cher. >> "extra's" best moments we almost couldn't show you. >> ok, ready? >> hi, i'm heidi. we're at the emmys. >> with "extra." >> "extra"! >> we are here on the red carpet. the crowd's ready to see some stars, right? >> oh, god, heaven. >> i hope i look as good as i feel. >> you do. >> i'm genuinely humbled by this whole thing. ♪ >> this is my surfing buddy. >> the rack is real, the body's banging, and you have my number. >> you look beautiful. >> not as beautiful as you. >> i watch the show, and like the biting, can you just a little bit -- i'm done for the whole evening. >> nice try, lauren. we're just getting started. >> i'm kate walsh. >> dude, you're at the emmys with "extra"! >> "extra" emmys. wow. >>
saturday outlook later on in the show. kate? >> okay, mary. >>> well, this labor day weekend, there's more people out of work than at any point in the last 25 years. the nation's unemployment rate stands at a staggering 9.7%. but the pace of job loss is slowing down. that has some economists thinking we may be turning a corner. abc's financial correspondent, bianna golodryga is here with more. good morning, bianna. >> good morning, kate. that's right. 216,000 jobs were lost in the month of august. but the job market is getting, if not better, at least less bad. nearly 15 million americans are out of work. and there's little relief in sight. the white house is predicting that unemployment will top 10% by year's end, and hover just below 10% for another year. the areas hardest-hit, construction, manufacturing. but if you look at retailers, they actually cut substantially less workers than they have in previous months. that's a sign of optimism. look at this graph right here. this tells a story. the job losses peaked in january of this year. that's when more than 700,000 americans lost their
. >> and a deep down desire to look like kate gosselin. does she really believe this book will sell better than the bible? the queen of the bee list tells it like it is right now, right here on larry king live. >>> she's the only winning star of bravo's "my life on the bee list" and the author of "a memoir according to kathy griffin" -- wait a minute, a memoir according to you? it's your memoir? >> i can't remember if i had my liposuction this month or that month -->> larr larr >>>> larry:. >> has oprah said that? >> yep. >> when did she say that, kathy? when did she say that, kathy? >> all right, look, it hasn't been chosen for the oprah book club. sue me. >> larry: i'm sure she will. >> people who watch this show read? larry, this is a dream come true. >> larry: your book has oprah-type themes. it has dysfunctional family. >> check. >> larry: scandal, eating disorders, heartbreaks. were you doing this to titillate us? >> i did it for you. i put the celebrities in the index, because i know people like you will open it up and go to their own name. >> larry: you say i have an african-american si
adultery, reality tv and kate plus 8. >> at this point i do not love kate. >> it's wednesday, september 9th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> sort of hard to escape john gosselin right now if you're not a fan of the show. >> he's everywhere. i was a little more interested after i saw the interview. it's a little bit compelling. two sides of that story. >> both are very honest whenever the question of could you get back together comes up. >> do not expect a reunion any time soon. i'm jeremy hubbard. >> i'm vinita nair. the political stakes couldn't be higher for president obama. he's addressing a joint session of congress tonight hoping to regain control of the health care reform debate. >> the predent discussed the often contentious nature of the debate. in an interview with robin roberts, the president said moderate republican voices aren't being heard. >> part of the frustration i have is on the repubcan side there are wonderful people whose voices i think are tamped down. you know, the traditional leaders, the bob doles of the world, those voices have been i thi
ew >>> right now, on "showbiz tonight" big news breaking. a jon and kate shocker. jon gosselin fired today from "jon & kate plus 8." tonight, the great mystery. was jon fired because of his partying and apparent womanizing? "showbiz tonight" has to ask, should the whole show be cancelled? >>> the outrage over roman. legendary director roman polanski fights back after his arrest. can he ever be forgiven for having sex with a minor? tonight, big stars speak out and say, leave roman alone. >> we hope today, this latest order will be dropped. >> tonight, the explosive great debate. should roman polanski be forgiven? >>> plus, have a city over the kardashians. chloe kardashian marries a big nba star. the big bucks battle over their wedding pictures. the obsession with the other kardashians. tonight, the big kardashian case of being famous for nothing. tv's first most provocative entertainment news show starts right now. >>> hello. i'm a. jrngs hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. >>> tonight, jon gosselin, you're fired. really. you're fired from your own s
at the headlines. back to bill and kate. raise awareness from the dangers of smoke inhalation. >> did he eat anything all day? >> we'll know tomorrow. >> it takes 15 minutes to get up. you take a little rest. go up. jump out. >> 100 times have been skydiving. >> do you jump? >> it was my old hobby. not anymore. >> he has a kid now. >> get a kid and suddenly, doesn't seem like a great idea. >>> good morning, the two of you. big news, of course, we still are keeping an eye on the wildfires in los angeles. it's about 42% contained. 14000 acres have already burned. it's been burning for more than a week. it continues to be dry and hot, which, of course, does not help the firefightin efforts. for today, as you can see, it continues to be warm. 90s inland. 80 along the coast. that trend will change by tomorrow. just north of here in the pacific northwest, completely different story. low system moves in. temperatures in the 60s. gusty winds. thanks so much. more on your saturday outlook later on in the show. kate? >> okay, mary. t>>,llwe this lai weekend, there's more people out of work than in 25
in these call centers. >>> you heard of "jon and kate plus eight." it's got kate, the eight, but doesn't have jon anymore. >>> straight to this hearing that's starting right now. you can see senator lieberman there talking. he and other senators are taking a closer look how safe we are from terror attacks. there are those three alleged terror plots we told you about on friday. one in colorado, one in texas and one in illinois. that's, of course, top of mind for many law makers. homeland security chief janet napolitano and robert mueller will testify. this will be the first committee meeting for ted kennedy's replacement as new senator paul kirk. >>> john travolta expected to be back on the witness stand this week. two people are accused of trying to extort $25 million from him while he tried to get medical help. jett travolta died after a seizure. this is a liable form for an ambulance company. yesterday lawyers testified saying the document could the detrimental. >>> utah-based western watts faces a $550,000 penalty, the highest of its kind in u.s. history. investigators say that 13-year-old
" we'll find out where all this came from. hi, kate, hi, lauren. what's that in there? ok. well, consider it done. >> plus, we'll go behind the gates of a private garden estate. >> we want an exceptional master suite. and this is truly that suite. [captioning made possible by nbc universal] >> welcome to "open house," we are your weekly guide to your country's real estate market whether your buying, selling or just dreaming, we've got your covered. we're coming from brentwood. inside a seven bedroom, seven and a half bath how many. this is reminiscent of english royalty and offers a spacious master sweet. 1,500 wine cellar. real estate export barbara corchran will tell this homer how much her home is really worth in today's market. >> hi, i'm barbara, today on price fix, i'm here with nicole on east 22nd street. and we're going to find out exactly what her apartment is really worth. nicole, when did you buy the apartment and what did you pay? >> we bought the apartment a year and a half ago. and we paid about $1.3 for it. >> did you put much into it? >> we picked out unique ligh
" response. >>> have jon and kate become a laughing stock? jon and kate gosselin try to get serious with new careers after their split. so, how come everyone's making fun of them? >> you don't love the kids. >> of course i love kids. have you seen my girlfriend? >> tonight, is anyone taking jon and kate seriously? >>> and if you find anyone who does, can you have them give us a call? tonight it's the great showbiz debate. are jon and kate now a laughing stock? >>> plus, "showbiz tonight" uncovers some brand new disturbing information that jennifer aniston is not going to like. and why it could mean big trouble for her future. tv's most provocative entertainment news show starts right now. >>> low. i'm a.j. hammer. tonight ellen strikes back on the talk that she has no business being the judge on "american idol." she used her show to strike back at anyone who thinks she can't fill paula abdul's shoes. but there's more. ellen spoke out for the first time about that over the top jaw-dropping spoof of her by paula at vh 1 divas. that's why we can tell you what ellen unexpectly said on her show t
years. that's a first look at the headlines. kate, is zach still into his dinosaurs? >> yeah. he would have liked it. >> her son, zach. >> he would have helped with the cleaning of sue. >> is there a special attachment for that? or use the couch cushion one? >> the couch cushion one. >>> move on, marysol. >> liam loves dinosaurs, as well. just for the record. i know now, all of you at home can sleep well. they all love dinosaurs. let's take a look at the videotape. a funnel cloud in baton rouge, louisiana. by the way, a funnel cloud is the makings of a tornado. but the tornado never touched down. so, it was just interesting to look at. a bout of severe weather in this part of the nation. as we look at the maps. it will now translate into rain. and a lot of it. six states have flood watches. this is moving north. evansville, you could see up to two inches of rain. some portions of the country have seen six inches to a foot of rain. thank you so much. coming up, i'll tell you about the fall-like weather elsewhere in the nation. bill? >> okay, marysol. >>> we turn, now, to the battle over
desire to look like kate. >> i think it's a better book than michael. >> unbelievable, unsensorsed, unleashed. the queen of the divas tells us right here, right now, on "larry king live." >> larry: it is always a great pleasure to welcome kathy griffin to this program. she's the emmy winning star of "my life on the d-list" and the author of the memoir according to kathy griffin. a memoir according to you? >> i don't always get days right. >> larry: so maybe this is right? >> no, it's right. maybe something happened on a thursday and -- look, it's not according to larry king. >> larry: and when you say a special book club -- >> it's been chosen by oprah's book club. >> larry: has oprah said that? >> yes cl. >> larry: kathy? and, oh, larry. eating disorders and i actually and people think you have a what else would you expect? and let's get serious first and then we'll go from there. >> am i -- >> you know that oprah is interviewing wit three houston and she said that she actually had to pray the night before to the lord to inspire her to give a good interview. now, how much did you
with abc news and as you heard he's not holdingic back when it comes to his opinions of his wife kate. >>> first, we'll get a check of weather conditions. in salisbury, the high today was 72 degrees. we're off a few from there. it's now down to 66. stay with us. we'll be right back. ♪ the amazing always infinity. ♪ it's astonishingly flexible. ♪ unbelievably soft. ♪ and has an amazing material... that's 4x more absorbent than you may need. making fluids seem to... poof... disappear. just like magic. ♪ always infinity. have a happy period. you have high blood pressure... and you have high cholesterol. you've taken steps to try and lower both your numbers. but how close are you to your goals? there may be more you can do. only caduet combines two proven medicines... in a single pill to significantly lower... high blood pressure and high cholesterol. in a clinical study of patients... with slightly elevated blood pressure and cholesterol, caduet helped 48% reach both goals in just 4 weeks. caduet is one of many treatment options, in addition to diet and exercise... that you can
getting through this and have closure and getting on with their lives. >>> it's a paula abdul/kate gosselin spakdown tonight. paula and kate going head to head in a battle of epic proportions. who won and why? i have got the answer. >>> the jennifer aniston/megan fox smack down. why both of them probably woke up this morning wondering what the heck just hit me? >>> is jessica simpson having the worst year ever? her dog, gone. her boyfriend, gone. sounds like a bad country song. then there were those mom jeans. poor jess. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. here comes the show biz news ticker. more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now. >> i think the fact that the academy is represents something that touched a lot of people and that touched a lot of people and i'm just so happy for our show.s you might as well be. you see, their moisturizer sits on top of skin, almost as if you're wearing it. only new dove deep moisture has nutriummoisture, a breakthrough formula with natural moisturizers... that can nourish deep down. it's the most effective natural nouri
soap opera involving the reality show "jon and kate plus 8" has taken a new twist. it will be called "kate plus 8." the split was featured during an episode of the show. the program will focus on kate's evolution as a single mom. >>> a typhoon devastates the philippines. >>> that's the british navy sinking a fishing boat it says had $384 million worth of cocaine hidden on it. the vessel was intercepted earlier this month. the defense ministry said the boat was acting suspiciously in an area known for drug running. >>> the u.s. customs chief calls it bad day for organized crime. colombia and mexico seized $41 million in drug money smuggled in from the u.s. u.s. customs officials said that huge cash stash is a sign of multinational cooperation in drug investigations. >>> at least 23 people have been killed in vietnam by a typhoon. it made landfall today with winds of 90 miles an hour. more than 150,000 people had had to be evacuated. rivers are rising. homes are flooded. areas of being threatened by mudslides so it's not over yet. this is the same storm that devastated parts of the phi
on the sunday talk shows. kate bad baldoun has the latest. >> reporter: lawmakers are looking for detail from president obama and this week's speech is about selling health care reform. it may also be about pitching the message. let's take what we can get right now. president obama returns from vacation to face a crucial week ahead in the health care debate. top white house aids insist the president will spell out his specifics for reform when he speaks wednesday to a joint session of congress. >> they will leave that speech knowing exactly where the president stands, exactly what he thinks we have to do to get health care done. >> at the same time, cnn learned that the white house is talking about drafting their own health care bill, a kind of contingency legislation and is leaning toward a plan to trigger a public insurance option only if health care failed to meet certain goals. white house officials dodged questions sunday about whether the president would sign a bill that doesn't include a public option. >> he believes the public option is a good tool. now, it shouldn't define the whole
'll stop talking about food and we'll talk about jon and kate. it's about to change. >> minus jon. and a new lady on the "sex and ♪ skinny, so skinny >> a major development with jon & kate plus 8. it's now going to be kate plus 8. >> minus jon. >> literally, they're taking jon out of the equation entirely, a stunning announcement from tlc. he will no longer appear on the reality show and the show will undergo a name change. it will be called simply "kate plus 8." a friend close to john gosselin said given john's recent antics, they couldn't continue to show him as a doting dad. the viewership from the show is way down. when the season first started and they were talking about the separation, 9.8 million people watched. then after this hiatus, 4.5 million were watching. as of last week, just 1.7 million people were watching. but kate, things gr well for her. there's roomors she's taping some show with paula dean. >> her career is up, jon. >> i think he's trying to dig himself out of that hole because his latest statements and again these are from friends of his. he says i regret
its stamp of approval on. >>> "jon and kate plus 8" minus jon? the newest show that has kicked one of the gosselins to the curb. >>> and looking at the temperatures from northeast middle school in baltimore, 64 degrees. norm is coming back with the full forecast. >>> change is brewing in the coffee world. after conquering coffee connoisseurs with its pricey blends starbuck's is courting new customers, with a new feature. instant gratification. abc's carla wohl explains. >> reporter: starbuck's is adding a new drink to its menu. not another high-priced latte. in fact, the opposite. >> it's our new ready-to-brew coffee, has microground coffee for extra body. taste it. >> reporter: instant coffee. starbuck's calls it via and it's less than a dollar a cup. still, the very idea could be a tough sell with the hard core coffee crowd. >> if i say instant coffee to you, your reaction? >> decaf. >> my mom drank instant coffee when i was growing up. it tasted terrible. >> reporter: starbuck's is hoping to change minds and lure new customers, customers it needs since the recession. >> it beca
abdul/kate gosselin smackdown tonight. paula and kate going head to head in a battle of epic proportions. who won and why? i have got the answer. >>> also, the jennifer aniston/megan fox smackdown. why both of them probably woke up this morning wondering what the heck just hit me? >>> is jessica simpson having the worst year ever? her dog, gone. her boyfriend, gone. sounds like a bad country song. then there were those mom jeans. poor jess. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. here comes the show biz news ticker. more stories from the "showbiz tonight" newsroom making news right now. >> people are like, maybe they should have honored somebody whose show is still on, but i think the fact the academy just represented something that touched a lot of people and i'm just so happy for our show. ring ring ring ring. hey, your chicken noodles ringing. ring ring. progresso. hi, may i speak to my oggy please? thank you. i'm sorry, who? my grandma. this is obviously her chicken noodle soup. only hers tastes like this. just put my oggy on the phone. thanks so much. hold one moment please. another perso
and this is why. tlc is making changes in the lineup. they are dropping jon from jon and kate. the series will be renamed kate plus 8 when it returns in november. tlc says jon will be in the series but not as much as before. >>> emmy award-winning actor john career and his wife have adopted a baby girl. the infant named daisy was born august 11th and was the couple's first child. he has a 9-year-old son from a previous marriage. >>> we have a look at local events around town. junior league of washington volunteered at the book festival on saturday. i believe we have a picture coming up. maybe not. there we go. there's kate and another volunteer. we caught up with other 9 news now watchers at the 23rd hispanic heritage award and tomorrow gomez hosts wrinkle erase for the cure. at the metropolitan institute for plastic surgery. all proceeds will benefit living pink which supports breast cancer research. got something cool around town to cover or that we missed, send that info and the picks at >> the leader of one food safety advocacy group says there's no such thing as the st
weekend. >> four shootings on sunday, three of them deadly. 11 news reporter kate amara joins us from baltimore city police head quarters with more. >> good morning. unfortunately this day began with a brand new shooting for baltimore city police to investigate. a serious shooting incident that happened just after midnight at preftman -- prestman. this deadly shooting scene sunday afternoon marked a dismal milestone for baltimore city police. the last two years they've managed to knock down city's murder rate to its lowest level in 20 years. but after a man was shot to death near reisterstown road, the city marked six murders in one week. sunday's spade of shootings began just after 1:30 am wham 18-year-old israeli mason was shot several times on mcculloh street. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. the next killing came three hours later in south baltimore, a 35-year-old gunned down on west cross street just before 4:30 a.m. those murders make this past week the deadliest baltimore has seen in two months. even so, on "11 news sunday morning" mayor sheila dixon says she is committe
headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, jon and kate's recent battles have, of course, been well documented. but what about the kids? >>> peyton manning passes a hall of famer, the jets are accused of cheating, and the tallest man couldn't help the mets. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning, and welcome back to "early today," i'm lynn berry, and here are some of your top headlines this morning. >>> ousted honduran president se lie ya has made a daring return to his country. zelayah is hold up in brazil's embassy where thousands of his supporters turned out in defiance of a curfew. >>> canada is facing mounting accusations of poor sportsmanship. ahead of the winter olympic games in vancouver, there were claims by foreign teams preparing, including the u.s., that they're not getting equal practice access to venues. canadian officials say they are following the rules. >>> and the los angeles times reports that unsealed documes show a pharmacist had warned anna nicole smith's internist that the drugs that her doctor requested for the model were "pharmaceutical sucide." the pharmacist
? >> the gosselins? the parents have not been home, kate nor jon, in a while. >> "lord of the flies" out there. >> welcome to "tmz's" spectacular, extensive coverage of the limo arrivals at the 61st annual primetime emmy awards. all the glitz. all the glamour. >> how many people rolled down their window, by the way? >> two. >> son of a bitch! >> rob lowe! >> tmz, bro. >> the idea was simple. put a guy with a camera and "tmz" sign near the nokia theater to introduce celebrities on the way to the emmys. it was not a good idea. >> hi. how are you doing? nobody is in there. >> it wasn't a total loss. after all, we did get -- >> two. >> who? >> mark wahlberg did roll down the window. >> great. we can talk about film, television, upcoming projects. >> good game today with the patriots. oh, you didn't watch it? >> swing and a miss. >> who was the other guy? >> i don't know his name. >> roll the clip. >> stephanie? [speaking japanese] >> they started speaking japanese together, so i have no idea what they were saying. >> so the emmys were successful for us. >> well, maybe next year. wait, who is this?
. speed cameras working in montgomery county. tonight, see the results. a big change to john and kate plus 8. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> a young victim of a brutal attack is continuing to be victimized through a social networking site. temperance maupin had just finished performing with the poms squad when two girls and attacked her. the vice principal were able to pull thettackers off of her. the attack was recorded and posted on facebook. >> it makes me feel sad because i thought all of these people were my friends. >> she says seeing the attack on video was hard enough but even more painful or the harsh comments about the assault. >>> speed cameras, a way keep drivers safe for a way to keep -- or a way to give government more money? they have inspired a bunch of nasty web sites, the target of vandals, and cursed out by countless drivers. >> i hate speed cameras. >> a new report shows that speed cameras in montgomery county may be making the road safer. according to the office of legislative oversight, not only did the average speed drop near t
say they will be so loud here today, kate, he won't be able to miss them. >> okay. yunji de nies reporting. >>> and joining us now from washington, senator jim demint, republican from south carolina. he's a vocal opponent of the president and health care reform plans. but he's also a speaker at the rally today in d.c. good morning, senator. thanks for joining us. >> good morning, kate. >> so, the organizers say they're expecting thousands, as yunji just said. this coming after the emotional town hall meetings over august. i guess i wonder, what is driving all of this sentiment? what's bringing people out early on a saturday morning, do you think? >> the interesting thing, kate, this is not a republican gathering. a lot of them in town. they came to see me yesterday. democrats, independents. they're people who said they have never been involved in politics. there's increasing concern in america about where we're headed. all the spending. all the debt. the talk of new taxes. the government takeovers. people are just alarmed. and they're coming to appeal to their government, here in
. >>> jon minus kate. jon gas lynn breaks his silence, in an exclusive interview with chris cuomo. >> i can't sit with that woman. i can't sit with someone that i despise. >>> and the tennis team adds a rocket to the stars. how did this georgia high school student, 70th-ranked, will herself into the ace of center student, 70th-ranked, will herself into the ace of center court? captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> and good morning, america. hope you had a great vacation. we're all back and happy to be with you. it's diane sawyer and robin roberts, on this tuesday, september 8th, 2009. >>> summer officially over in washington. where congress is coming back to a special joint session called by predent obama. tomorrow night, as you know, the president making a new push for health care reform. >> such high stakes on that speech. >>> it's not the only speech under the microscope this morning. he'll give that address to the schoolchildren. and jake tapper is up this morning. he has it all. jake? >> reporter: good morning, diane. that's right. president obama gives his education address to students n
a cornea transplant wouldn't help. doctors gave her no hope. but c.i.a. -- kate believes in miracle. did she ever think it would involve a tooth? >> no. >> reporter: it's amazing a tooth, can help someone see. when the doctor heard of this at first he couldn't believe it either. >> i said, how can people do that -- that seems to be a very, you know, far-fetched idea. first doctor perez removed the scar tissue from thornton's left cornea because it was blocking her vision. then took her canine tooth and part of her jaw bone and whittled it down. this is the actual surgery. he then used a piece of her tooth and bone to hold in place a new lens that acts as her cornea. just hours after the surgery dr. perez removed her bandages and for the first time in nearly a decade she could see her best friend rick brister. >> he was the prettiest thing i believe i've ever seen. >> reporter: the procedure won't work for most blind people and thornton can't see perfectly. >> i can't tell exactly what color you have on, blue or black. >> i'm wearing black. >> that's good. >> blues are bluer, the clouds
stainhauser at freedom plaza and kate bolduan is there for us at the steps of the capitol. kate, sure enough, a short time ago nobody was around you but we knew they were on the playway. looks like they have made it to you. >> reporter: yes. i have now gained quite a few friends here at the capitol. i'm staring a the front of the capitol. it's getting kicked off and it's getting loud. as we were standing here earlier, a couple hundred people were standing here. now look at these crowds. they have turned out. they're moving all the way down pennsylvania avenue. the organizers say people are standing on pennsylvania avenue trying to make it onto the mall to join this group of people. in large part the organizer of this is freedom works, a conservative advocacy group that supports lower taxes, less government and broad base. many people have said when they kicked off this rally a little while it probably summed up why so many of these people are here, they started a chant, "can you hear me now." that's what individuals have told me. they're not being heard and they're scared of the direction th
kate. >>> and the one and only lebron james live in times square. the athlete everyone talks about james live in times square. the athlete everyone talks about tells us the secrets of success. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> and good morning, america. diane sawyer with robin roberts. we're hearing the president worked late last night to fire up congress on health care reform. >> you know how rare this is. it's just the 13th time since 1981, that the president has made a special address to both houses of congress. i spoke to the president about some of the missteps he made in his fight for health care reform. and what he thinks of all the critics. >> let's go straight to senior white houscorrespondent, jake tapper. what have you learned jake? >> reporter: good morning, diane. president obama worked on the speech over the weekend at camp david. writing ten pages in longhand. the spspeech writers gave him bk a copy at 10:30. and the white house is confident if the american people understand what's in the bill, they say, they will support it. they say that support erodes when there'
and high school players because they take cues on sports from the nfl. >>> jon and kate going through a name change. why and what the show will be called. >>> a woman working to make change herself. >> reporter: tony, we are outside of the hard rock cafe in downtown washington. all these people are waiting for one person. melissa ethridge. we will talk to her live straight ahead on the morning news. ic >>> welcome back everybody. the hit reality show jon and kate plus 8 is going through a name change it will be kate plus 8. starting in november it will focus on kate's role as a single mother raising a set of twins and sextuplets. jon will appear on the show but less often. the couple announcing their separation on the show back in june. >> it's sad. >> it is sad. >> for the kids. >> we asked you what you thought about the name change and michelle wrote with all this going on one would think she would allow her children to adjust privately. >> derica wrote she needs the money and has no choice. she can't work. day care is expensive for eight. she has to to do the show. take the money a
the announce before the show starts. >> okay. >>> more kate and jon news. jon and kate plus 8 will simply be called kate plus 8. they are dropping jon. tlc network announced that will be the new title of the show and the executive says the focus will shift toward kate's 0 role as a single mom. jon will be involved as you can expect but he will be seen less often. they are continuing with divorce proceedings. >> do you ever watch it? >> no. don't watch it and don't know anyone who do. >> i have girlfriends that do and it does -- they did see an increase in 300,000 viewers over last season. >> it is a ratings ploy. >> they are even saying in 2010 -- >> this will be on in 2010. >> not necessarily this show but kate thereby the spotlight doing some things she wants to do and she's come out and said she was interested in hosting her own talk show and she has done her rounds on the network and the view. >> maybe she will have a boyfriend to complicate things. >> maybe jon will get his own show and have a girlfriend. >> he has a clothing
for the crime he pleaded guilty to 30 years ago. >>> another twist for "jon & kate plus 8." >>> washington, d.c. is the new new york. that's how one economist described the revelation that the city has tied seattle as the top destination for college graduate experts for the "wall street journal" came out with the top ten meccas for young college educated, often single people, setting out to start a career or family. washington replaces new york in the top spot. the president of the d.c. chamber of commerce says much of wall street is moving to k street. michelle franzen has more. >> reporter: they're poised to become the next generation of top-rated cities for a new generation of workers. leading the list, and sharing the number one spot, washington, d.c. and seattle. cities with long histories of government jobs, and related industries. a "wall street journal" panel ranked the cities on job possibilities, affordability and quality of life. one big change, panelists say college grads and singles will be taking fewer risks. >> even when the recession recedes, i think these young people are goi
wreck. will viewers tune in for kate show and train wreck. will viewers tune in for kate plus 8? captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> and good morning to all of you. diane sawyer and robin roberts. we're getting the video in. look as the wall of water moves into american samoa this morning. cars and people swept up, as far as a mile inland. the massive 8.3 earthquake. it was so strong, it caused the tsunami from 125 miles away. >> high wave warnings issued as far away as japan and california. sam joins us with the latest. >> the numbers are staggering this morninging. at least 100 dead so far. there are dozens, you can probably go dozens and dozens missing. just to give you an idea of where this island is, if you left the coast of l.a., it's about 4,700 miles before you hit america samoa. we begin with a survivor's video story, moments by moment, after the tsunami. >> it was over here. now, it's over here. you see over here, the bridge is totally wiped out by the wave. there's no way for any vehicles to go to that part of the island. whole part of the road is just wiped out. can't
and kate gosselin, the parents of eight, who filled front pages this summer when they decided to separate. kate has spoken out about their decision. jon, not so much. andrea canning joins us with jon's side. >> reporter: when the gosselins split up, they made a pact to stay out of the spotlight for a while. with the fifth season under way, jon has broken his silence about what went wrong in their marriage. he sat down with our chris cuomo to talk about the need to become jon minus kate. two months after jon and kate's very public breakup, things have gone from bad to worse. >> today is the day i get to take out a lot of my frustration. >> reporter: frustration that has made their off-screen drama tabloid fodder. from allegations of cheating. to a custody dispute that even resulted to police being called to the family's pennsylvania home. >> i'm spending quality time with my kids. and she's going to have to leave. and she tried to cry out to the cops. it didn't work. they said you have to leave. >> reporter: jon said kate was unhappy with his choice of babysitter, a 23-year-old bartender.
. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> cue up the "jaws" music. >> i'm kate snow. robin roberts and diane sawyer off on this holiday. >> everyone getting ready to go back to work including the president. a tough week ahead. he will address a joint congress session and face new criticism about education speeches that he'll give to schoolchildren. all of this and also dealing with a labor day resignation one unexpected over the weekend. >> also later this hour we'll get an exclusi look inside that illinois home with secret hiding spaces where a boy was kept hidden from the world. his grandmother's side of the story, why she built that crawl space, all of it coming up. >> ask her how long he was in the hole. >>> first straight to the president's week ahead. david kerley is at the white house with the latest on these new troubles. david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, david. the white house has been trying to put this behind it as quickly as possible. the middle of the night on a n holiday weekend. this is not what they want to focus on here. >> i'm van jones, the special adviser fo
charlie rose. >> rose: joining me no kate winslet anleonardo dicaprio. 11 years ago they srted togeth in james cameron's blockbuster "tyn nick." at film grossed mo than $1.billion. since then, they hav earned a combinedight oscar nomination now these o friends reunite in "revolutionary road." it's directed bysam mens, kate's hband. i am pleased tohave leonardo dicaprio and kate winslet back this tab. welcome. >> thank you, si, for hang us >> thank you ver much. rose: wh did it take 11 years for youwo to get back together? >> well, it was one of the first things about the screenplay which i immediate said why really cannot wait to do those sequencewith kate. because when y develop a sort of... you know, friendshipith somebody over the years, there's just a trust factor ther we both know that we have t best intentions for each other, but also know that we can sort of pusheach other's limits. and there'srobably no other actrs out there that i woul fe ascomfortable sortof attacking and i know she could give every bit of right back to me. so it's a... i kept saying during the production
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